2017 Game Officials Registration Instructions


Solutions to common problems with Game Officials

Don't have my username or password Go to wnyreferees.gameofficials.net.  On the login page, you will see a link for "Forgot Username or Password."  Click on that - note that there are two options - if you have forgotten both, you will have to start with the link to get your username then go to password.  If you are unable to recover your information, contact your DRA.
I have gone to the "Referee Courses" link and it says that no eligible courses are found.

First, on the course page at the top, make sure that "Current Referee Grade" shows the referee grade you held in 2016.  If it does not, send an e-mail to sdi@wnyreferee.org.

Second, make sure that you are logged into the Western New York Game Officials site.  If you are an assessor, or if you work pro games, you also have access to the US Soccer Game Officials site - and that site is not linked to WNY.  Make sure you are at wnyreferees.gameofficials.net.

I'm trying to go to www.wnyreferees.gameofficials.net and it's not working. If you use a "www" or "http" in front of the site address, you probably won't get there.  Just type wnyreferees.gameofficials.net into the address bar on your browser and that should work.  Once you get to the page, bookmark it!
I have registered for a course, but now I want to change to a different session. Click here for instructions. 
How do I update my contact information? (Address, phone, e-mail, etc.) Log into Game Officials and click on "My Info" under the Main Menu.  You can change most of the information here.  Change the information as needed then make sure to click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.  Not that you can have more than one e-mail address here.  There are a few things you can't change - your Full Name, USSF Grade, etc.  If you need to correct or change something that is not changeable on your profile, send an e-mail to sdi@wnyreferee.org.  Also, note that any field name in red has to be filled in.  Fields in black are optional.
How do I request a refund? There is a $5.00 charge for refunds (no charge if the class is cancelled).  Refund requests must be submitted within 60 days of the date of the original charge.  Note:  The course number of the original course that the fee was charged to is required.  Find that number by clicking on "Confirmed Reg" on Game Officials.  Download and complete the refund request form, and e-mail it to sdi@wnyreferee.org.  Refunds will be issued by credit to the original charge card.  If that card is no longer active, the fee for a refund by check is $10.00.  You can also download the refund request form from Game Officials/Home Page.

Click for refund request in Word format                                               

Click for refund request in pdf

How do I take the written test? These instructions are found in the registration instructions for your grade.  Instructions are available on the home page at Game Officials, or can be downloaded by clicking here.