Becoming a Soccer Referee - Information and Instructions

  1. In order to become a referee, you must attend a 16 hour certification course.  These courses are generally held on two days, but occasionally have to be spread among three or more days.  You must attend the entire course.  You cannot go to "Day 1" during one course and "Day 2" during another.

  2. The cost is $75.00, which includes the course fee of $35 and the USSF registration fee of $40.  This fee must be paid by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) when you register for the course.

  3. The course includes classroom training.  Written tests are given on the material covered each day - the purpose of the tests is to ensure that you know the material, not to "fail" anyone.  If you have trouble with the test, an instructor will spend time helping you.

  4. Local units may also charge local dues and/or facility fees, which will be collected at a later time.

  5. Once you are certified as a referee, you can begin officiating youth games.  New referees start out working at the lowest levels of competition and move up as they develop their skills.

  6. You can attend an entry clinic in any location that is convenient to you - not just the area where you want to work. 

  7. To download a listing of the clinics that are scheduled, click on the calendar icon below.

  8. To download instructions for clinic registration, click on the referee below.


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